Zooplus You returns to Madrid

Zooplus You returns to Madrid


Zooplus is searching for talented people to join our Madrid team. We're looking for YOU!


It's already been more than 2 years since our last edition in Madrid. Just an eyeblink in which our sales have been increased by ~60% (€1.2 bn), our challenges by 10 and our need of hiring the best data and software professionals in Europe by 100. (disclaimer: only the sales increase is precise).


We’ll organize a limited attendance event to present our company and our open positions. By having our teams presenting their daily work and challenges, you can get an immediate impression on the job profile and ask questions face-to-face to our teams.
The event will also expedite your application when compared to a traditional recruiting process.


18h30: open doors
19h00: introduction speech
19h10: beginning of f2f meetings
21h00: networking and drinks

During the whole event we'll be having pizza and beer! :)

The benefits for you?

Within a relatively short period, you’ll be able to get an insight into our positions and a glimpse into our company culture. You can then decide whether to apply or not to continue, which could lead to your dream job. In the worst case, you can still grab a slice of pizza and a couple cervezas! Not too bad for two hours of your Thursday evening, is it? :)

Why should I attend?

Explore the job opportunities at zooplus. Meet our developers. Have a glimpse of our culture. Look at our brand new offices! These are the open positions (click on any to download the job profile):

I’m interested!

Just send an e-mail to recruiting@zooplus.com with your request to join our event, the positions you would like to know more and your Linkedin account. Our team will get back to you! For more details, just continue reading!

When and Where?

5th July 2018, from 18h30

zooplus Services ESP SL

C/ Génova 17, planta 1
28004 Madrid