Imagine your company wants to grow its IT teams, in a country where you just have sales development. What do most companies do? Hire the services of some recruiting agencies, mass-send some emails to potential candidates and hope that some people will respond agreeably. That could work (fellow recruiter, please bear with us and continue supporting us elsewhere!), but at zooplus we like to roll off our sleeves and think a bit different.
So we invited YOU!

Over a month ago, we hosted our first zooplusyou hiring event, this time in Madrid. With the new office in Calle Génova as a background, we welcomed over 40 people to get to know our company.
Our CIO showed some improvisation skills when delivering the opening speech over a window ledge and provided an inspiring picture of what zooplus is and where we want to be.
And what better way of showcasing zooplus than showing the actual office, your actual (potential) colleagues, talking to real people? Oh, wait, we could have had drinks and food. Fear not, friends, we had. Plenty.
We had really good tapas, beer and some exquisite wine tasting. Together with the workout that our kicker (futbolín) table got, there was plenty of chattering and fascinating topics exchange. All for the sake of us getting to know you, you guys getting to know us, our office and how we work.
For over 2 hours, "nuestra casa fue vuestra casa". Which is to say, our home was your home. And that's how we like it.

Obviously not everyone that came will start working for zooplus, at least not yet (office space is still limited). But over a dozen of you guys have made it to the recruiting process and a handful are in the process of being hired. As we write this, yet another contract proposal was sent out! We hope to see some new faces soon!

Big thanks to all that came to meet us, we look forward to continue our success story in Spain, with a stronger IT presence than ever.

You can check some more pictures below: